Présentation de CORE Labs

Découvrez comment le nouveau centre de solutions de World Courier propose des données fondées sur des preuves pour aider ses clients à prendre les meilleures décisions possible pour leurs colis.

Today’s pharmaceutical transport market is rapidly becoming more complex. A shift toward multi-country clinical trials and clinical trials in emerging markets, along with drugs requiring increasingly precise temperature-controlled transport, is driving significant packaging innovation.

But with so many packaging solutions to choose from, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. Manufacturers may not have the time or resources to evaluate, validate and select the exact packaging that aligns with the attributes of their products and transport needs. They need a guide who can provide the right recommendations — and be able to back those recommendations with data that delivers peace of mind.

A Partner You Can Trust

Introducing Climate Optimisation and Research Engineering (CORE) Labs. Located in Cologne, Germany, CORE Labs is a solutions center staffed with highly experienced and knowledgeable temperature-control experts focused on collecting and aggregating data across all types of routes and packaging solutions, and using that data to provide trusted recommendations to help pharmaceutical manufacturers and other shippers of temperature-sensitive materials select the right packaging solution to fit their needs.

The new solutions center aims to demonstrate measureable value through three primary objectives:

  • Increasing data-backed visibility to the quality and applicability of all major packaging solutions on the market
  • Providing recommended combinations of “right packaging for the right transport route,” based on transparent testing results
  • Developing new packaging solutions with industry partners in situations where customer needs require novel solutions

The Right Tools for the Right Solution

CORE Labs uses a state-of-the-art climate chamber to test and validate all types of packaging under a host of conditions. The chamber is capable of replicating a full range of temperatures and can fit up to three pallet-sized containers for side-by-side testing.

Putting It All Together

CORE Labs makes it possible to work closely with manufacturers and other shippers of temperature-sensitive materials to provide them with evidence-based data and make the best recommendations to save time, reduce cost and ensure optimal security.

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